CANCELLED: Airport Tavern 4 - 4 - 20

Hi Everyone,
Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, Cashing In Karma will not be performing April 4th at the Airport Tavern.
We love you guys. We love your support. And we want to make sure that you are safe, healthy and that we as a community are doing everything we can to effectively combat🤺this virus. This is a tough time for the entertainment industry, and we all need support right now. So if you can, please consider the following:
1. Airport Tavern been extremely good to the music community and we want to make sure they stay open for business. They have hoodies + merch. I don't know if you can buy online but please reach out. Support Airport Tavern:

The touring band, North By North, that was scheduled to play is awesome and we're bummed that we're not able to host them yet. So give 'em a listen. Buy their merch. Donate:

3. Our fellow local acts, Modern Daze and BRAKE were also scheduled to play on this date. Please check them out.
4. Lastly, here is a Spotify playlist featuring the bands of the cancelled show:…

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