Down The Rabbit Hole EP is Out!!!

NOV 2 - It's time. 

They're here. Stream it everywhere. Spotify. Apple Music. Google Play. Amazon Music. Go Crazy my dudes. And get them CDs on our online store. Here. On. THIS. WEBSITE.



OCT 24 - It's almost time...

We are getting so close. It's almost here guys.

SEPT 24 - New Music is Coming!

It's been a long journey to getting here. And I just want to say thank you for supporting Cashing In Karma throughout its growth and changes. On November 2nd, we'll be releasing 7 new songs. They're a collection of themes and melodies that we believe are worth writing about and discussing. (more on that later,) They'll be available across all streaming and digital download platforms and we'll be selling physical CDs right here on our website!




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