New Music Update #1: Working Titles...

Right now, we're tightening up our songs, I'm working on final lyrics, and we are only a few weeks away from recording the official tracks. Leading up to our release we're gonna give you little snippets and info on our process. Today, I want to share with you our unofficial titles for the songs and the inspiration behind the song or the name. 


1. "Pontiac" - If you want to bump something in a car, this is gonna be the song to do it to. Back in 2018, Dave showed me this bass-line along with some lyrics about his hometown: Detroit, Michigan.

2. "Bad Couple" - It was an old vocal melody I'd written just after high school. The first time Ben, Dave and I jammed; we accidentally made a full song out of it. With a new bassline, new lyrics and new sonic layers we're excited to bring you something dark that grooves. 

3. "Other Land" - That's where we're gonna take you with this song. 

4. "Greta Thunder" - Possibly our most 'stank-face' song to date. 'nuff said. 

5. "Bowl" - We came up with this working title at approximately 4:21PM. 

6. "Creepy Bone Thing" - We literally have a bone rattle, I dunno how, and that's really all there is this working title. 

7. "Rainy Dizzle" - Inspired by the commutes in Seattle, up and down I-5, this one is slow, soft, and has stanzas in place of verses and choruses. We weren't able to come up with a name, so Ben suggested this. 

8. "The Lounge" - It's about shady stuff. 


That's all for now. More to come soon. Subscribe to our email list if you want exclusive content and updates. And thank you to everyone for supporting us.

Toodles, my doodles. 

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