Marco's Last Show..

That was it... After a few months of jamming with some other drummers, Marco Diez, returned to play one more show with us before he departed. We got up onto that stage at the Airport Tavern, with so many friends and familiar faces in the crowd there to experience that energy one more time. It's been amazing. Marco. I'm so grateful for your time. Dave's grateful for you. We both owe you and thank you for the good memories, the fun jams, those "ah ha" moments with what to do with a song, the wild antics on and off stage, and the post-show smash bros shin digs. 

I remember the first time we played a show together in 2017 before Melvin, Will, Alex and I split up. It was fun, different and I knew that if the original line-up went our separate ways you would be the first one I would reach out to about working on music together. And having worked together for a year on music, I can't say I'd have it any differently. We're sad to see you go, but your musical endeavors will be loved, and the journey you're about to take will be a trip worth taking. 

We love you man. 

Thank you, Marco. 

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