May The 4th - Favorite Star Wars Movies

Happy Star Wars Celebration Day everyone!

We hope you're enjoying The Clone Wars and doing something special for this day. Y'know, if that's your thing. Now that all nine movies of the "Skywalker Saga" are out, I wanted to reflect on and really try to answer the question: Where do I personally rank these Star Wars movies? 

So after much deliberation, here's the list of my personal favorites:
9. The Rise of Skywalker - Had so many nostalgic, "Oh hey remember this.." callbacks that plot became secondary. Bringing back Palpatine killed the momentum from the previous movie and made everything Luke, Han and Leia did pointless. It's a joyful cash-grab.
8. Attack of the Clones - Hayden Christensen was down-right creepy (a combo of sub-par acting and terrible dialogue) in every scene with Padme. The movie also seemed boring at times, but... Jango Fett, the Colosseum Fight, Battle of Geonosis and the lightsaber fight with Obi-Wan, Anakin, Dooki and Yoda was awesome.
7. The Force Awakens - It was honestly a lot of fun. I really enjoyed Han Solo's presence in this one, and the new trio had an immense amount of potential. 
6. The Phantom Menace - Watching this in Theatres as a kid and hearing "Duel of the Fates" for the first time was freakin' awesome. But... To this day I struggle to understand what exactly Lucas was trying to do with the politics. But Darth Maul, pod racing, Qui Gon.. There was a lot to enjoy there, and I never hated Jar Jar as much as the internet did. 
5. A New Hope - It's the OG, but going back and watching it now... The fight scenes are very lacking compared to all the other movies. That being said, it's still a great film with an immense world filled to the brim with imagination. It's what started it all; and you'd hope that it'd get even better. 

4. Revenge of The Sith - So much awesomeness. The lightsaber fights, the battles, and the birth of Darth Vader.  
3. The Last Jedi - Very divisive, but visually stunning. It started off almost right after The Force Awakens and followed the First Order slowly picking off the rest of the Rebellion. What I loved about this movie is what some people hated, but I think that many of the writing decisions were justified. Luke's story added immense depth and conflict to Kylo Ren, and it seemed like they were setting up Kylo to be an unchecked loose cannon leading one of the strongest oppositions. 
2. Empire Strikes Back - THE BIG REVEAL. THE ULTIMATE WTF MOMENT. "I am your father b***h" + Hoth + Cloud City + Han & Leia escaping the Empire in Space + the space duel. There was a lot to love in this movie. 
1. Return of the Jedi - For me, this was the pinnacle moment; the ultimate payoff. We went back to where it all began--Tattooine--and spent a good chunk of time rescuing the beloved Han Solo. Jaba the Hut's palace and ship were excellent set-pieces filled with awesome practical effects. 

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