Summer's End: A Review - July 4th Party, Hempfest, B. Y. C. Greenwood Musical Crawl

We did some really fun stuff over the summer and we've been getting pretty comfortable with Ben Mehrabian being behind the drums. Here are a couple of highlights from each month: 


JUNE - In Tacoma, at the Airport Tavern we played our last show with Marco before he left for Hawaii. And we got to play with an awesome Portland Band called Dirty Revival, and this "pretty alright band" from Bellingham called, Apology Wars.

JULY - We played at the Mirage Garage and Tacoma Dome neighboring house venues in Seattle. Our fill-in drummer in place of Ben was Baylee Harper of The Morning After

AUGUST - We put out a surprise EP. And we played Hempfest!!! (with Amanda Jarman filling in on Bass while Dave was climbing Mt. Rainier) We also played that "pretty alright band's" EP Release at Belltown Yacht Club in August too.

SEPTEMBER - Greenwood Music Crawl - Hands Down! One of the coolest neighborhood music fests we've been a part of. 

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