Surprise! Our 2-Song EP, "Puzzle" Is Out Now

For some of you who have been fans since the beginning, Puzzle might sound familiar. That's because these are the first two songs ever written for Cashing In Karma. They were put on the first launch EP, which you can check out for free here.

Our original plan was to have these two songs--"Jigsaw Road" & "Pieces"--be a part of Down The Rabbit Hole, but we were unable to track all the parts due to time and budget constraints. The decision was made to cut them and complete them later. But when Marco left, Dave and I's mission became finding our new drummer. It seemed like these songs were left in limbo, until finally, we were able to get into the studio and finish what we'd started. It was like tying up loose ends and finally figuring out the way forward. 

But... You might be asking why we re-recorded these songs in the first place. And well, admittedly, part of it was to have more songs on a record, and part of it was because the themes of the songs closely aligned to where we were as a band. We were struggling to figure out our identity. Once when Dave and Marco came into the picture, and again when Marco left. Now, we're readying ourselves for change not only with our music, but also with our dynamic as we take on another member...


We hope you enjoy these two songs, and we look forward to seeing you in a venue soon...

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