...To New Beginnings: It's 2020, Why Are We Still Looking Back?

2019 is done. The decade is over and a new one begins. 

The world--in just ten years--is drastically different from the one we knew before. New technology, social media and world events have transformed the way we live. And while a lot of the changes have improved our lives, some have created new obstacles. For musicians, everything from the way we do business to the intent behind writing songs is different now..

Everything has changed...

Musical genres seem to be less and less defined. As a growing number of musicians are labeled 'rock', without... Sounding like rock. *not looking at you, imagine dragons, not at all* The word has become an enigmatic term. When you think of rock you may imagine a scruffy fifty-something-year-old talking about the good old days and how rock and roll will never die, blah blah.. Then you get people who define rock as a statement maker with attitude, "All you need to make rock is the one, four and five chord and the truth." Then you have people who say rock is a time period of music.


As the lines get blurred, bands struggle to fluently describe what it is they sound like to potential fans and that can lead to a lack of interest. Also for the musician trying to turn their craft into a money-making venture, the options on how to do that now are also endless. It's chaotic. ALSO, the options of the listener are now endless too. Many people are so overwhelmed by the amount of options presented to them that they stick to what they know. And as a result...

Nostalgia culture is everywhere.

Vinyls? Cassettes? Hiatus comebacks? Greta Van Fleet? TV and movie remakes and Reboots? Hell, even those purple and blue 90's SOLO "jazz" cups are making a comeback. And I am so fucking with it.. But what I wanna ask now is: are we overwhelmed by the sheer mass of new music, movies, tv shows, etc that we find more comfort in rehashing things from the past? Will this proliferate into us seeing more throwback-y sounding music? What do you think the trends of 2020 will be?

I for one hope that we see innovation, and eventually move past the remakes, rehashes and reboots. For me and this band, that means letting go of the past and what Cashing In Karma used to be. That means our next EP or album will have no re-recorded songs. And the sounds and textures we'll be using are new to us as well. We want to embrace all of what music has been within the last 150 years and incorporate that into our music; a celebration of history through rebirth.

We love you--the fans--and appreciate your support. We ask that you keep an open mind for what's to come from us. 

...To New Beginnings

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