Tony V's Garage, The Quest to Find a Drummer, and The Funhouse

It's been a second. Whoops. 


Last night at The Funhouse, and back on March 21st--where we played to a near sold-out crowd at Barboza--we had Kevin Ross (former drummer of Crossing Crusades) fill in on drums. Then, a week later we made our first trip up to Tony V's Garage in Everett with Baylee Harper (Drummer of The Morning After) and played a show with her. And next Friday we're returning to Everett with her again to play the Black Lab.

It seems like we're alternating between these two talented individuals while we figure out what we're looking for. But Dave and I just wanted to say how grateful we are to you two for helping us out. Thank you so much. 

We've got more news coming TODAY. 

Be on the lookout. 

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