We Needed a Break

As a local artist you have to deal with a lot: working a day job, paying bills, commuting, taking care of everyday life stuff, relationships, and then... writing music, working on social media and websites, creating content, making plans for said content, failing and going back to the drawing board, taxes, and skepticism from many people outside of the music scene. These things can be draining and on top of that, life changes and things don't always end up how you hope or think they will...

So after our Sonic Sofa showcase show, there were no more CIK obligations. And I fell into a deep depression. I withdrew. And I found myself pondering the same question I'd asked many times before once again, "What do I do with my life now? And how do I best navigate the challenges and hardships that lie ahead?" 

It took a while. It really did. Dave, Marco and I had all been going through tough times/life changes and getting out the other end meant things weren't going to be the same. And they aren't the same. Perhaps it will be better.. Someday. 

Thank you for bearing with us. We love you guys, and we look forward to bringing you something special in 2019. 

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Another day.. Another #journey /// @cashinginkarma is coming back to social media after a two month hiatus. A big reason for our absence has been that I had to step back and take care of my #mentalhealth while I was going through some life changes. I’m very #grateful and feel #blessed to have the people that I have in my #life . Also. Knowing that the words I’ve written and the #music that Dave, Marco and I have created is enjoyed by you—our friends, fans and listeners—has helped me to keep going and take care of myself. 🧩if you ever feel #overwhelmed, #depressed or #anxious , it’s okay to take a break and there is no shame in doing so. #love you guys❤️ #thankyou /// #seattlemusic #seattlemusicscene #seattlerock #seattlemusicians #tacomamusic #tacomamusicians #rockmusic #punkrock #musically #musiciam #musicianlifestyle #mentalhealthawareness #mentalillness #depressionhelp #depression #instarock #instagood

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