It must be someone's birthday...

Come out and celebrate with us and enjoy a night of local music.

We'll be celebrating Daymon, from DedElectric,'s birthday alongside Waking Things and Locomotive. 


We. Better. See. You. There. -.-

Details about the Venue:

Pets are important. 1/27/18


Dropping a show is probably one of the worst feelings on the planet for us. We really wanted to play tonight, however, we had to contact animal poison control because our dog was feeling ill and our cat was behaving differently than normal. 

Allie, our border-collie lab mix, is normally a very energetic dog. Today she was vomiting and acting very lethargic. It turns out that some cleaning products have harmful vapors that can be hazardous to your animal's health. We're monitoring her and our cat, Ash, to make sure they're okay. Unfortunately, that also meant having to drop tonight's show. 

We're sorry to let you down and hope that everyone understands and wish an awesome night to Donormaal, Future Shock and Astrol Waters...



Brooksie's Radfest



1. Damn The Flood

2. The crowd

3. The Morning After

4. Jonny singing with Crossing Crusades

5. Locomotive

6. Devils Hunt Me Down

7. Photographers Joe Doleski, Trevor Foyston and Bill Bungard provided awesome photos to the bands that performed.

8. Seeing so many of you out at the show. Can't wait to do it again. 

Super Rad.

Radfest was, well, rad. Huge turnout and so much fun playing on-stage. As we look for a permanent bassist, Stephanie Jones from The Morning After will be filling in for the time being. And she BROUGHT it. Jonny is also filling in as guitarist in TMA until they find a new perminent guitarist. Strange how that works... 

As with Boombox, this festival hosted so many good bands.  Awesome night. Thank you to all who came out. And Brooksie, you marvelous son of a bitch. That was amazing. Thank you for putting this all together. 


Alex Thoburn leaves Cashing in Karma


As we have grown through the years of playing together, we have also grown a lot individually. Sometimes this means people grow together or grow apart. Alex and us had conflicting visions for where we wanted to go musically and the creative differences ultimately led to us parting ways. 

With these changes, our band changes too. We're excited about the direction we are headed and eager to show you what we've been doing. It will be tough getting used to this change, but hopefully it allows both Alex and Cashing In Karma to move forward in a direction that we are all content with. 

Alex; we want to thank you so much for all the good times we've had together. Playing with you in Cashing In Karma has been a great experience and we really do wish you all the luck and fortune going ahead with your musical career. We're excited to hear what comes next from you... 

Thank you brother,

- Melvin, Will and Jonny

Big Ass Boombox 2018


So many good bands...

Big Ass Boombox at the Crocodile in Seattle, WA has become quite the event for the city's alternative music scene. Having attended last year, we had expectations. But this year was so much BIGGER. 

We were lucky to have been chosen to play and holy crap; there were so many good bands. In the back-bar we had to squeeze through a mob of people in the area for every bathroom break, gear check, hello, and for every drink. We got the chance to see Perfect Families, Peyote Ugly, Close Encounter, Temple Canyon, The Morning After, Actionesse and Weep Wave. 

Fantastic night.

- Jonny




To give an overview on what we're doing this year; we'll be starting off by playing the Big Ass Boombox Festival at the Crocodile, as well as Radfest at Louie G's. In the beginning of February we will also be releasing a new music video and have plenty of announcements later on in the month. We hope you guys are excited as we are about this upcoming year...

- Love, Cashing In Karma