Founded by Jonny Barrett in 2015, Cashing In Karma is a genre-bending musical experience serving up hooky melodies with energy, grit, and mischief. From May of 2018 onward the project has included Dave Bugg on bass, and former drummer, Marco Diez who departed in early 2019.

Throughout 2019, the two remaining members--alongside a few fill-in drummers--opened for national touring acts such as King Buffalo and Victory Kid, and played summer festivals such as Hempfest, Greenwood Music CrawlOrting Rock Fest and the Carnivore/Herbivore Fest.

After the release of their most recent EP, Puzzle, Barrett and Bugg have decided to withdraw, finish out their last few shows and record the material they've been writing for the last year. In 2020, everything will change. 

Since its inception the project has released four EPs and gained a reputation throughout Washington State for making memorable music and building a little culture around their live events. 

"The band's infectious energy inspires the crowd." - Dan's Tunes



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