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DEC 6 - Sonic Sofa Presents...

Cashing In Karma is doing a musical showcase with Choke The Pope, Golden Idols and Antonioni at the Sunset Tavern.

Tickets: December 28th - 9PM $10


DEC 1 - Karma does Rocky Horror?!

Well, sort of. On December 8th, we're going to be playing an acoustic set before the showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The movie will feature a live shadow cast and all proceeds will go to the charity, Toys for Tots! 



NOV 13 - Our first lyric video!

Our song, "Liar, Liar" was inspired by the 2016 presidential election and the growing presence of misinformation. We wanted to find a way to express the frustration that many of us have felt as a citizen looking out into the world. And that's why this was made; because words often times are looked over in music.

On another note, we haven't really seen a lot of lyric videos out in the local scene, but as artists and songwriters, we know that almost every musician wants their lyrics to be heard or understood. I know when I read lyrics and relate to them, the song as a whole is elevated to a new level of appreciation. And as an artist, when people have told me that my lyrics meant something to them, it reassured me that this was something meant pursuing. That's why I'd like to offer making lyric videos as a service to other PNW musicians. So, if you've enjoyed this, and you want to have something similar feel free to send me an email! Thank you. - Jonny (

NOV 13 - We've got Merch!

This is a really exciting moment for us; and not just because this leads us one step closer to being not poor! We can now deliver merch to YOU. Yeah, YOU. To your doorstep. Our merch. Your doorstep. Merch. Doorstep.

NOV 2 - It's time. 

They're here. 



OCT 24 - It's almost time...

We are getting so close. It's almost here guys.

SEPT 24 - New Music is Coming!

It's been a long journey to getting here. And I just want to say thank you for supporting Cashing In Karma throughout its growth and changes. On November 2nd, we'll be releasing 7 new songs. They're a collection of themes and melodies that we believe are worth writing about and discussing. (more on that later,) They'll be available across all streaming and digital download platforms and we'll be selling physical CDs right here on our website!